What is lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing
If you currently believe you’ve done everything right, focusing on crafting compelling content copy, enhancing paid and SEO campaigns with eye-catching posts, and employing various strategies to encourage leads to engage with your social media or sign up for interesting emails…

And yet, you’re still not achieving the conversion results you seek?

Perhaps it’s time to analyze how to create an effective lead nurturing campaign.

Lead nurturing involves promotional campaigns designed by marketers or marketing specialists to build relationships with potential customers.

It’s one of the hundreds of digital marketing strategies aimed at gradually establishing a business relationship without losing contact with the lead through channels tailored for them. This approach can enhance the customer lifecycle and motivate them to return.

It consists of personalized content for each lead, designing various communication strategies such as email, direct mail, and segmented digital ads for each lead.

These contents must meet the characteristics of lead magnets that solve problems, attract with relevant information, and be of high quality. They should integrate essential aspects of the product or brand to build trust with potential customers and lay the foundation for providing solutions in the conversion process, reducing friction in subsequent purchases.

All of this can be accomplished through chatbots, emails, retargeting, effective and intuitive CTAs, and maintaining a conversation with your audience on social media… among many other options!

¿What is Needed for a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

Before designing a lead nurturing campaign, you should consider the data you’ve already obtained from other digital marketing tools. For example, the use of marketing automation tools and effective strategies for social media and retargeting.

Among other elements to consider:

  • Take into account customer archetypes so that each piece of content is highly personalized by segment, making the target audience feel like the content was created with each of them in mind, rather than for a generalized mass.
  • Design a lead scoring system that will help you implement the strategy based on individuals who have had only initial interactions to those who have already made a purchase. Here is a practical guide for implementing a lead scoring points system.
  • Analyze and optimize your content marketing strategy, focusing on the creation, publication, and distribution of content for your online target audience.

Steps for a Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead conversion is the marketing process of turning leads into paying customers and then into loyal customers. It encompasses all marketing practices that stimulate the desire to purchase a product or service and push an advantage towards a buying decision.

1. Define your audience

If your business has both a marketing and sales team, work together to build the concept of the ideal lead (customer archetypes). Determine who is in your target audience, who is already in your database, who your current prospects are, what type of individuals close sales, and their scores in your lead scoring system.

2. Consolidate and segment your database

This will help determine what messages to send to each type of prospect or customer. After some time, periodically engage with customers by sending emails to confirm their interest in staying connected with the brand.

3. Use the right content for each stage in which segmented individuals are found

  • Early stage: This is the awareness and brand/product knowledge phase. Share interesting topics in blogs and reports on industry trends. Identify common interests and understand weaknesses and desires.
  • Middle stage: This is the consideration phase, where you aim to provide solutions to problems or weaknesses identified in the previous stage. Webinars, tutorials, or content related to the service or product are excellent options.
  • Late stage or bottom of the funnel: This is the moment when prospects make purchasing decisions. Aim to build trust with those in this phase, so use verbatims, success stories, and product reviews effectively.

All of this can be done through chatbots, emails, retargeting, effective and intuitive CTAs, and maintaining a conversation with your audience on social media, among many other options!

Learn more about content marketing.

4. Test and optimize your campaigns

Regularly review the performance of your KPIs in relation to lead nurturing campaigns you’ve conducted. Testing provides insights into what can be improved and how it can be optimized. You can review aspects such as email open rates, monthly conversion rates, click-through rates, email sending frequency, copy duration and design, and more.


While it may seem like an essential step in all digital marketing campaigns, with 57% of companies and marketing experts considering acquiring qualified leads and converting them into paying customers a priority in the conversion funnel journey, a study conducted by MarketingSherpa reveals that 79% of marketing leads do not easily convert into paying customers, precisely due to the lack of interest in engaging the audience with these types of campaigns.

Why? Approximately 65% of them have yet to design a lead nurturing strategy!

So, to avoid staying within these percentages, it’s necessary to start creating a lead nurturing campaign that allows you to grow the number of people engaging with your brand.

It’s always more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain the ones you already have.

Lead nurturing keeps your audience active, curious, and eager for more content if you provide added value. Keep in mind that the investment you make in the people already in your database can generate a higher ROI when they make a purchase.

Even better, once they have your product, they may become loyal customers and brand advocates if you motivate them to share your content and their experiences across multiple communication channels.

At Dazzet, we recommend conducting a comprehensive study to determine what your company needs to design a digital marketing strategy aligned with your objectives.

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