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Who we are

Dazzet was created in Medellín by two brothers: Juan Esteban Yepes and Mario Yepes. In 2014, Juan, a design engineer who had worked for more than 20 years as a strategist in marketing agencies and with certifications in Inbound Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and others; and Mario, an electronic engineer with more than 25 years of experience in application development and back end development, became independent to create the first Growth Hacking agency in Colombia.

The team has transformed over the years; and therefore now we have an integrated team that includes experience in marketing, engineering, design, web development and data analysis to quantify objectives, goals and results.

What we do

We do marketing as it should be. We develop digital products adjusted to a target market to meet the needs of our clients companies, then we generate demand for these products so that our clients companies grow.

We design the future

We like to create our strategies based on different Web analytics models, that’s why we are innovative and we always look to be at the forefront of what technologies offer, designing personalized solutions to meet quantifiable goals and, in the short term.

We take on challenges

We take our clients’ challenges and give back solutions. Through Growth Hacking and data analysis strategies, we allow ourselves to have a creative mind to set clear objectives and obtain successful results.

We work as a team

We consider our clients as our allies, so we work in an interdisciplinary way to create the best solutions based on engineering, growth hacking, design and Web development.

We learn and share knowledge

We believe in learning and continuous improvement, so we develop content to transmit our knowledge and provide tools that benefit our allies.

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