600% growth in sales in an ecommerce.

Design and implementation of retail strategy



Thermos Tiendas para el Frío, is a Colombian company that manufactures and sells clothing and other accessories for the cold. It currently has physical stores in Bogotá and Medellín and Through its online store, it sells and distributes its products to other cities in the country, so you can grow your Online Store It is a priority to design the strategy.


Optimize ecommerce and implement strategy to increase its online presence

Thermos came to us with the goal of increasing three indicators essential for its growth:

  • Number of sales in ecommerce
  • Average purchase in online store and physical stores
  • Customer flow in physical stores

So the challenge was to optimize the ecommerce and design and implement a marketing guideline strategy and social media.


We improve the user experience through the redesign of its web page, grouping all its products by categories.


We increased the loading speed of your ecommerce (from 16 to 2 seconds) by reimplementing it on more robust and secure servers for customers.


La renovación de su estrategia de marketing y social media permitió que en pocos días aumentara el tráfico a su página Web.


Thanks to the implementation of the new marketing strategy and restructuring of its website, sales increased by 600%

Organic traffic increased by 213% just three months after the launch of the new store and the implementation of the new marketing strategy and social media.


1. Design

Convert the Thermos - Cold Stores site into a site with nice and user friendly design

Implementation of a megamenu

Thanks to the study of keywords and the use of software Web analytics, product presentation was redesigned with based on the results obtained:

  • We group all products by categories.
  • We highlight the `"`women`"` segment as it is the group that most visit the page
  • We designed a "related products" section

Immediate customer support

We improve the user experience when inserting chat from customer service in real time. In addition we add:

  • double header
  • opt-in bar
  • Direct access CTAs for contact channels such as telephones and geolocation of physical stores.

content optimization

Images were optimized in their size and labeling. Strategic keywords were also added in the content and in links. An exclusive landing was implemented for discounts and a size chart was created to facilitate the choice of products to the buyer.

2. Development

Optimize the site for search engines and generate good navigation experience.

development for marketing

Related products were grouped together to generate sales crusades; the live chat was put on the air with an application for mobile, which allows the community manager to answer always to the needs of the client without having to be connected to the website.

Labeling automation

We integrate email automation tools for ecommerce 360; we optimize the markup of tags and URLS for SEO; and implemented the use of Google Top Management, to manage all tags using this tool.

3. Strategy

Increase in traffic, Social Selling and Conversion Optimization.

Database creation and segmentation

With a tripwire when entering the site, we increase the base of data to later carry out campaigns with emails based on the behavior of each user on the website, such as shopping carts abandoned purchases, interest in specific products without purchase, frequency, recency, etc... In addition to the integration of the Facebook pixel with e-commerce We identify and label the users of this social network in the page.

Tool Integration

With the implementation and use of Google Search Console now we can know who came to the website organically and the health status of the page. With Adwords, they implemented direct response campaigns, display remarketing and Additionally, it linked with Google Merchant Center to carry out Shopping campaigns. With Google Analytics are performed the respective follow-ups to the contents and thus be able to always optimize them.

Social Selling

Proactive management is carried out to accompany and promote the business objectives. Ads were also implemented dynamic on Facebook synchronized with the product catalog to make campaigns for highly segmented and focused on the conversions.

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